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Roll bags

Rollbag Premium (RB6)


Allstar Rollbag "Premium"

Measures: 120x39x37cm, Weight: 6kg.

The semi-high hardcase guarantees perfect protection for your weapons. Extraordinary stability and comfort due to smooth-running wheels. (2 main compartments, 3 outside pockets, 1 detachable bag on top.

Basic bag colors: black, dark blue, royal blue, red, silver and anthracite.

More colors available at surcharge.

Zippers, belts and cord edges are black (additional color options are available at surcharge)

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Additional Info

Standard colors for RB6: black, dark blue, royal blue, red and silver.

 Standard colors for stripes: black, royal blue, red, silver, gold and white.

If a specific color combination is desired, please indicate in thee comments the color for the bag as well as the color for the stripes.